Registration is Fast and Easy

Step One

You must login.   Look towards the top right corner of this screen and look for the Login Prompt on the blue menu bar.  Click it.

Enter your your e-mail address and password.

On the second blue menu bar at the top, click on Register for an Event, choose the Event and follow the prompts.

The system will know your Name, Address, Phone Number and any dietary restrictions that you may have entered from other events.   If you have previously registered your spouse, then both names will be added to the registration system at the same time.

Step Two

Answer the questions presented.  The first one is the most important as it says Unknown and you must select YES, you are attending the Conference or NO you are not attending.  

Below the first question are the options of which events you will attend at the conference, such as the Thursday night event, Home Hosting,, Saturday Conference, and so on.  Note that events are still being added such as Zip Lining, so check back often and you can modify your registration.   

If you need to change your prefered name, phone number,  dietary restrictions other other details, click on Edit Your Profile just above where your prefered first name is displayed.  Note that the prefered first name is what will be printed on your name badge.  If your name is Robert but you go by Bob, entered Bob in the prefered name spot when you edit your profile.  If you have a dietary restriction such as an allergy, the catering staff will be alerted and your name badge will have a mark that will ensure you get the correct meal.

After your registration is Submitted, then you will see the option to edit your Spouse's registration or add your spouse.

Step Three - if needed

After you have submitted your registration, you will see the option to continue to edit your registration, edit your spouse's registration, add a spouse or fellow member if you are registering a group, or to e-mail a confirmation e-mail to yourself and others on your registration list.  


You must login to register.  The benefit is the system will know who you are and you will be able to modify your registration before the event.  If you do not know your password, click on the link below where it asks for your password that says Lost Your Password? and enter your e-mail address and submit.  Your password will be e-mailed to you immediately and you should receive it within seconds but less that 5 minutes in any event.   If the system does not recognize your e-mail address, check with your club secretary to ensure you are entered in the District database.

If your spouse has not been entered into the District Database for other events, you may have to add a new record.  First you should try searching for the name and if not found, Cancel the search and choose to add a new record.  Once created, you will never have to do this again for other events.  

If you have any problems getting your spouse registered, either contact the registrar or send an e-mail with your Spouse's name and e-mail address to and we'll be happy to assist.